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High Pressure Water-Jetting

High-Pressure Water-Jetting is the most efficient method to clear blocked drains and de-scale pipelines.

Drainage, in general, is never a problem until it stops working. All drainage systems accumulate – scale, fat, silt and foreign bodies – which reduce drainage capacity/flow and will eventually cause total blockage.

High-Pressure Water-Jetting is a highly-effective technique for cleaning drains, sewers and pipe-line systems. Powerful jets of water of up to 4000 psi will remove the majority of obstructions – i.e. scale, debris and foreign bodies – from pipelines to restore free-flowing drains.

High-Pressure Water-Jetting can also be used to remove root ingress in drains by applying specialised cutting tools to jets. Our jetting systems are not just capable of cleaning drains and pipelines; with hand-held lances, we can remove oil, dirt, paint and cement from walls, tanks, drives and machinery. In fact – from everywhere.

As you can see, High-Pressure Water-Jetting has an extremely wide range of uses in industrial, commercial and domestic market sectors.

High Pressure Water-Jetting

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