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Maintenance can generally be viewed as an unnecessary expense; we adopt, however, an attitude that it is a necessary evil. Our relationships with certain suppliers and development companies enable us to not only undertake the normal drain-cleaning maintenance, but extend that to other areas including leak-sealing and reinstatement of faulty manholes and storage tanks.

As with most of our services and areas of competence, the list is not exhaustive and - to that end – we will endeavour to keep the product information updated in order that our clients can make informed judgements and, therefore, allocate their budgets accordingly.

As a newly-formed company, we will endeavour to supply a service and standard of work that our clients can rely upon. The services detailed here are only a small amount of our capabilities, and are not to be taken as all we can offer in respect to pipeline services. Do not discount the fact that we can resolve your current problem. It’s as easy as asking the question.

Most importantly, we have identified the need to cut around some of the current operational delays happening in this sector of industry and business. We will be aiming to deal with the source of the need. The benefit of doing this will clearly assist in speeding up the time taken, too – not only report, but rectify the problem. The ultimately results in removing the current practise of what we call the domino cost involving your budgets. Our personal research would suggest that you could expect to make savings against your budget of between 10% - 25% per project.

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